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Waterloo Baptist Church Guidelines For Missions

Note: At the current time, Waterloo Baptist Church (WBC) is considering support only for those missionaries who are involved in church planting ministries and who will live on the field permanently.


WBC believes in and practices Faith Promise Missions. It is our desire to personally carry out the Great Commission along with giving to help others go where we may not be able to go. We believe that Jesus Christ died for every person and that He will save anyone who comes to Him for salvation.


Our objective in giving to missions is to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to every nation.

General Guidelines For Support

WBC is an Independent Baptist Church and supports only Independent Baptist missionaries. This is not intended to discredit any other missionaries on the field but to express our support for those who believe the Bible as we do.

WBC has, as its main thrust, the objective of planting churches to preach the Gospel. We will support missionaries who are going to the field to carry out this objective. For those going to a foreign field we believe churches should be planted and, eventually, a national pastor should be called. We will not consider support for an American who desires to go on the foreign field and pastor the same church permanently. We believe when the church is established and a national pastor can be called then the missionary should move to a new area and establish a new work. A separate section addresses those who are planting churches in the USA.

WBC will support national pastors on the foreign field as the Lord leads and provides. Support will cease when the church becomes self-supporting. Support may also cease if it is obvious the work is not sustainable.

WBC is a fundamental church. We realize that Independent Baptists express a wide variety of preferences. We desire to stand on convictions that are Bible-based and not the preferences of man. We believe the Holy Spirit leads us as individuals and directs us in the way we should go. Our desire is not to hold others to our preferences but we expect our missionaries to be true to the doctrines that God makes plain in His Word. We believe that all Christians should be modest and Christ-like in their appearance and attitude. We believe God’s Word should be given in love, without compromise, and without a mean spirit.

WBC will not consider for support evangelists or musicians. We certainly believe in both but the purpose of our giving is to help missionaries who are going to a particular field of service to live there.

Support for a missionary going to a foreign field will typically begin 6 months prior to the date of departure. In the event the missionary does not go on his specified date of moving, support will cease unless there is a legitimate reason for the delay. Missionaries who switch positions for which they are being supported may also lose support.

All missionaries supported by WBC should send a quarterly newsletter informing the church on the work. Missionaries may send newsletters more frequently but we desire a letter at least every 3 months. WBC will not support those who do not keep us informed regarding the work.

USA Church Planting

WBC supports the planting of Independent Baptist churches in areas where there is no strong influence of Independent Baptists. Our emphasis will be placed on regions of the USA where there is no significant concentration of Independent Baptists.

Our support for USA church planters will typically begin 3 months prior to the missionary moving to the field of service. In the event the missionary does not go on his specified date of moving, support will cease unless there is a legitimate reason for the delay.

Our initial commitment for church plants in the USA will be for 12 months. At the end of 12 months we will evaluate the work, with the pastor, to see if a strong foundation is present. If the work is progressing and the need is present, we will consider extending support for an additional 6 to 12 months. The maximum length of support will be for 24 months unless unusual circumstances are present. We do believe pastors should consider being bi-vocational if support is needed beyond 12 months. If the pastor does not see this as an option, support will end.

The Bible

WBC believes the Bible is the perfect Word of God. In our preaching and teaching we use only the King James Version. For those serving where English is the native language we will support only those who use the KJV. We realize some Christians may use other versions but we believe the KJV to be both accurate and reliable. We believe those serving on a foreign field should use a reliable translation, if available, in the language of the people.


WBC believes Jesus died for everyone and that He will save those who will call on His name. We do not believe that He predestinates certain ones to go to Heaven and certain ones to go to Hell. If you have any Calvinistic leanings please do not seek support from WBC.


We rejoice with you in your call to serve God on the mission field. If you are in agreement with our guidelines, for those we will support, please fill out the Missionary Information Form and mail it to the address given on the form. After we receive the form will we contact you as the Lord leads.

To download Missions Support Application click here.





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